About Us
Studoro is a portal for those who seek to learn and educate themselves, gain skills and knowledge in academics, work, business and real life experiences in order to acquire exceptional expertise in their field of interest. We equally welcome those who teachthose who aim to spread the gift of wisdom. 

Packed with powerful social sharing features, Studoro allows you to collaborate, communicate, project manage, upload and share documents, videos, pictures, multimedia files, manage events, create blogs and forums, write articles, engage in discussionsconverse across chat rooms, post ads, run polls, surveys and feedback, take payments and much much more ...  

Use Studoro to:

- Make friends with like minded people across the globe
- Share documents, research and compare notes
- Share and learn from academic, life, travel, business and other experiences
- Publish your content, news, stories and get popular by gaining followership
- Share and promote your topic of interest by adding custom RSS feeds  
- Start your online business with integrated e-payments
- Sell products, barter and exchange goods with fellow members
- Gain work experience while studying by working for credible organisations around the world.  
- Promote your skills and expertise and work as a freelancer from your home
- Find permanent jobs in your industry sector

- Engage on academic, vocational and real life business courses
- Create Groups and Communities and make your fan club by inviting people 
- Institutions can share curriculum to see what works what doesnt
- Enhance your research output by connecting with other researchers around the world
- Read reviews on courses, schools, tutors  
- Invite feedback 

Our definition of education, teaching and learning goes beyond the conventional explanation of academia. In the world of Studoro any individual who looks to grow or add to their existing ability in any angle, at any stage, in any way, shape or form is a student of that faculty. We feel you can be a student at the age of 4 or at the age of 80, whether you feel you need to learn through course books, challenge yourself physically to be a sportsperson, or training to be a theatre actor. You could be a lawyer or a skydiver, an empolyee or a successful businessman you are always learning and contributing.

Studoro wants to extend the reach of knowledge sharing and contribution to all who seek to have it. We feel "knowledge shared is knowledge gained" and that flow of knowledge can be bi-directional. A teacher in essence is a student of the institute of teaching and simultaneously learning more from student experiences and interaction and those students who are actively seeking knowledge have a wealth of information to share.   

distribute, share and contribute , teach what they know, spread the gift of wisdom and collaborate with the like minded to build better  

Studoro is a Student and Alumni portal designed to bring people associated with Education together. Learn how Studoro is revolutionising learning and education to be more fun, experimental and global. 

Who can be a member ? a person who wants to engage in any form of learning, wants to grow their skills, teach, educate, collaborate with like minded people and most importantly have the will to share and contribute their knowledge for the greater good. 

Our Moto: Our Aims: we have a few actually :)

- To bring together individuals and communities with a will to learn and contribute on truely global sharing platform
- To encourage sharing the gift of knowledge, experiences and skills amongst the fraternity
- To help the less abled communities and make knowledge and learning easily accessible 
- To make learning and education a must have 
- To engourage collaboration, relationships and friendships amongst like minded people
- To empower young and old with tools to be entrepreneurial

We are carefully connecting the world to the gateway of knowledge, person by person, network by network, community by community and we would like you to be an integral part of this collaboration.